To Err Is Human, to Spank Is Divine

At least that’s what some say. Whether the enjoyment stems from the anticipation and subsequent release of endorphins following a spanking, or simply the desire to wield or concede control, erotic spanking no longer holds the same taboo it once did. Still, there remains an air of mystery around it – what is the attraction? What is its history? Spanking and BDSM in History One of the most popular texts on sexual behavior, the Kama Sutra was written sometime between the 5th and 3rd centuries BC. It contains specifics on how to properly spank or whip a partner during sex. One of the oldest known images of erotic spanking dates back to the 5th century B.C. and can be found inside the Tomb of the Whipping in Tarquinia, Italy. It depicts two men striking a woman, with both a bare hand and whip, while engaged in an erotic scene. 

There are accounts in Britain dating back to the 14th century AD of people being spanked both as a precursor to and as a substitute for sex. The first appearance of a professional Dominatrix has been traced back to the 1590’s. Erotic spanking and BDSM practice has existed in Western culture since the 20th century. In the 1950’s, photographs were released depicting pin-up girl Bettie Page in BDSM scenes. Internet Porn Proliferation In the late 1980’s, the invention of the Internet introduced new ways to communicate with people locally and from around the world, often anonymously. Several websites launched that catered to “alternative” lifestyles as a way for users to connect and meet up at different events and festivals. 

There has also been a boom in online adult toy companies specializing in BDSM paraphernalia (latex/leather clothing, toys, bondage apparatus and implements). In recent years, the Internet has sprouted website-based support groups for those within the BDSM community who have been “outed” as well as lists of therapists, doctors, and lawyers who are familiar with BDSM-related issues. So What’s the Attraction? Interest in erotic spanking and BDSM can range from a one-time experience to an entire lifestyle. One of the most common misconceptions about spanking and BDSM play is that it’s “all about pain”. The dominant may enjoy feelings of authority and control, where the submissive may feel safe and protected, and enjoy “pleasing” the dominant. 

The following has been said regarding the pleasure of spanking in BDSM play: “I love the intensity, the passion, and the role play.” “Because I’m a dominant person in my general life, it’s a relief to let go and let someone else take control.” “I like the strict and formal aspects of spanking. I like to have them assume a position that leaves them feeling exposed and vulnerable.” So, whether you’re an information seeker, new to the BDSM scene, or an old hat at spanking, just remember: “Everyone to their own. But a nice, warm, friendly spanking never did anyone any harm.”? Chloe Thurlow, Author

How Long Has Spanking Been A Part of Corporal Punishment Movies And Television?

Spanking is something that has been a part of movies and TV for a very long time. The history of spankings in films dates back to the silent era and was very prevalent through the mid-1960s. Corporal Punishment Movies were focused in two categories exclusively What were these two categories? They were no other than spankings being administered to punish kids who were misbehaving in some way. The other form of spanking category for movies was all about the humorous taming of troublesome women. Therefore, it is plain to see, spankings are something that have been a part of American movie and TV culture for a very long time now. The victims in these corporal punishment movies were always fully clothed whenever receiving his or her spanking from whoever was administering the spanking. The position for any spankings that were given were usually over the knee. The implement for these spankings was in one of two ways. They were either spanked with an open hand or with the help of a hairbrush. There was also a rolled up newspaper sometimes used as well. It all depended on who was being spanked and why they were being spanked. 

The punishment scenes for spankings were never bad or brutal in content. If anything, they were more like something that was brief, brisk, and often done in a lighthearted sort of way. There was no malice or cruelty in any of the spanking scenes that were shot on camera for movies. Despite the fact that many adult spankings on film or TV can carry a sexual undertone that is subtle. The context a lot of the time was one of comedic delivery without hinting at eroticism at all. if children were spanked in movies, it was usually, as part of a comedic film. A perfect example of this would be the Our Gang and Little Rascals comedies that were popular from the years of the 1920s to 1930s. There have been lots of notable movies were children and teenagers were spanked on the bottom for doing something worthy of being spanked for. 

Some of these film titles do include She Married Her Boss from 1935, The Captain’s Kid from 1936, and God’s Step Children from 1938 to name a few as example. The romance of discipline was something that was strongly carried out in corporal punishment movies and television. However, sexuality was something that did remain a strong taboo for a very long time, and this was very evident in films that were shot in America and Britain. If there was content in a movie or television show that was even the slightest bit risqué, it was quickly censored, and this often happened before a movie was released or a TV show or series did broadcast on the air. How long has spanking been a part of the movies and television? The answer is forever and a day. What this translates to is obvious. Spankings have been around, as long as, the mediums of motion picture and television have been around themselves to be honest. Spankings gave films and TV a liveliness and reality that does go on in real life. People could relate to these movies and TV, because to be honest, they as parents do give spankings to their own kids to discipline them. It was art reflecting real life in the most accurate way possible.

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